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washing repair in dubai

A washing machine is an expensive appliance, which is why investing in its maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. WeRepair is known for the quality of its washing machine repair in Dubai services. Our professionals will come to your address, assess the problem and suggest the most adequate and cost-efficient solution.

Our customers benefit from fixed price washing machine and dryer repairs. The price includes the visit to your home, the labor charges and the cost of all necessary repair parts.
The WeRepair washing machine repair Dubai professionals have extensive experience with most brands on the market. Some of the washing machine and dryer brands that we specialize in include Ariston, AEG, Daewoo, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, LG, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, Siemens, Zanussi and many others.

We’re ready to assist you six days per week. Don’t wait until the situation becomes worse. Getting a timely washing machine repair in Dubai can save you money on much costlier repairs in the future. In addition, a professional in the field will be capable of diagnosing your appliance and figuring out whether any additional fixes are needed.

Since we’re confident in the quality of our work, all washing machine and dryer repairs come with a two-month guarantee. Our weekend services are available at no extra charge and all of the work will be done on your premises. This way, we’ll reduce the repair time and the inconveniences caused by damaged appliances.

Give us a call today or use our Contact Us page to schedule your washing machine repair in Dubai appointment right now.We Repair All Major Home Appliances.All Brands & Models. We are the last call you will need to make for your appliance repair needs. Our repair technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and courteous

Our Professionals

Our experienced professionals carry a wide range of quality appliance parts in their vehicles, so your appliance repair are done as quickly as possible. We only install new, manufacturer recommended appliance part. If we can fix it without the need for new parts, we will. Our profits come from repeat business and recommendations…period. We guarantee that our technicians are clean and arrive within the appointment time frame . We also offer free estimates with repair. We will not perform any repairs without your prior approval. No hidden charges!

Why Choose Us To Repair Your Appliances?

Our appliance professionals are fully trained in aspects of appliance-related repairs.
We’re experienced with repair of all types of appliances, including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators,, dishwashers, cookers, ovens, hobs.
The following reasons why many of our satisfied customers keep coming back:
Our prices are always fair and competitive We maintain a full stock of common parts We arrive with fully stocked trucks All Major Brands Appliances Repair and Appliance Service Your satisfaction is our highest priority Know the price before we start Mostly all appliance service and repair is done on your premises, reducing repair time
and disruption, We provide free pickup and delivery, if needed


washing repair in dubai

Machine machines are designed to direct wastewater from the wash cycle into dedicated drains. There should be no excess water around the appliance at any stage of the cycle. If you notice leakage, it is best to call a professional for the right washing machine troubleshoot steps. They will examine the appliance and find the root cause of the issue. Don’t use the appliance until the problem is addressed to avoid further damage. Prompt washer repair will help you extend the machine’s lifespan.


Water leakage can happen for several reasons, so it is essential to check the machine thoroughly. The most common washing machine leakage issues include:

Plumber Fixing Domestic Washing Machine

  • Hose Leaks – This is the most common cause of a water leak in modern machines. If the hoses are loose or damaged, you need to tighten them or replace them entirely.
  • A Leak from the Detergent Drawer – Detergent drawer leaks are also relatively common. They can cause rust build-up around the area. Check the drawer for damage and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it.
  • Drain Pump Leaks – Water can also leak from drain pipes if they aren’t correctly secured. Make sure the pipes leading to and from the pump are fixed correctly and haven’t come loose. Replace any damaged pipes and check the pump for leaks. You will need to replace the component if it is damaged.

Hire a professional to visit your property and carry out a washing machine troubleshoot. They will be able to identify the issue and fix it promptly and accurately.


The most common cause of washing machine leakage is loose or damaged pipes. If you see a pool of water around the appliance, don’t be alarmed. Just pull it a few inches away from the wall and inspect all of the pipes connected to it. Do not move the machine too far away from the wall because it can loosen the pipes. Feel around the connecting points to see if there’s any moisture or dripping water. Tighten these valves to see if the water stops leaking. If the problem persists, call an experienced professional to examine the appliance. Contact us if you need to fixwashing machine leakage or advice on different issues. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs will ensure your machine is always in proper working order.

24X7 AC Repair / Maintenance | The Best AC Service in Dubai

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Professional Air Conditioning Services in Dubai

Are you in the dark about when to service your AC unit? Are you unsure if it’s time to call a quality air conditioning maintenance company?
Don’t worry– we’ve got your back. We put together a guide to how often and when you should get your air conditioning unit serviced in Dubai.

ac repair in dubai

When it comes to troubleshoot your air conditioner, Only an expert can instantly detect the exact issues. This is the major reason to hire a professional Air conditioning maintenance company. Hiring professional AC service company comes with ease of mind and guarantees a proper cleaning of your AC. Our AC servicing technicians are expert are always able to troubleshoot the main problem and when they clean your AC unit, they make sure that the unit is properly cleaned, and ac filter, drain and condenser are all well. Any issue whether it is small or big, they can fix your ac instantly.

When air conditioners malfunctions, you have to look for a trustable team of Werepair. and our technicians fits on this criteria providing you a trustable and affordable services round the clock.

They are many claiming to be the best ac service company in dubai, but our AC service in Dubaiis known to be the most trusted in dubai.

Best AC Services Technicians in Dubai

WEPEPAIR SERVICE DUBAI is the leading preventive maintenance provider for air conditioning system in Dubai. Our focus is always on energy efficiency of your AC unit which results in lower electricity bills.

Click or Call us and we will be at your footstep instantly!

Schedule your appointment with us for your split, window or ducted ac service in Dubai easily by filling our contact form or call us directly on the mentioned number. Our emergency ac repair service teams are always ready to fix your ac issues when others prefer to rest.
We repair and service all major Air conditioning brands and models like, O General, LG, Career, Daikan, Fujitsu, MDV and all others, from window units to the complex central air conditioning system.

​Our well trained staff is able to track, find and fix the problem at amazing speed and this quality distinguish us from others. Split AC service in Dubai will assure that our installed, repaired, replaced or maintained units fits on the international standards. At Werepair affordable price with higher quality is our moto.

Qualified Refrigerator Repair Service in Dubai | 24/7 QUICK SERVICES 0503087679

Refrigerator Repair Service

If you are unable to perform refrigerator repairs because they are very complicated, it is high time to contact a professional technician for this task. If you have purchased your fridge recently, it is unlikely you need to provide it with any repairs except tune-up or slight modifications. Your refrigerator is rather new, it is easy to get it back up and running, especially when a well-trained and experienced technician accomplishes this task. But if its lifespan comes to an end, its parts can be worn out. In this case, repairs can be very expensive and impractical, and it would be better to replace your old fridge with a new one.

If you carefully maintain your refrigerator, it can operate 14 years or more. However, as it ages, it becomes less efficient and breaks down frequently. If so, you need to compare its future repair and maintenance costs with the cost of buying a new refrigerator. Maybe you should think about purchasing a new one to save you money and time. Get connected with Werepair, and our experts will determine the issue with your fridge and advise you whether you need to repair or replace it. Do not wait, call us at +971 50 308 7679 today.

Fridge Expert Tips: Problems You Can Fix By Yourself

1. Check if the power cord is plugged into the outlet.

2. Confirm it’s supplied with power. If the light doesn’t come on when opening the doors, you may need to reset the breaker. Inspect the fuse if there is a fuse box in your house and replace it if it has blown.

3. If the refrigerator still doesn’t run, the outlet may be to blame. Plug in another electrical device to the outlet. If it starts, the outlet is not out of order.

4. Check if Demo or Showroom mode is on and switch it off if necessary. You can find this on the display. This mode doesn’t let the appliance run. Sometimes Demo or Showroom mode may be activated by mistake at delivery or when cleaning the refrigerator and its display.

1. Confirm the appliance has operated long enough to be cold. After control adjustments, it can take two days to lower the temperature to the proper level.

2. If a crisper, meat, or deli drawer is not as cold as it should be, set the airflow controls to a colder mode. The air will blow harder and will be able to lower the temperature in the drawer.

3. Analyze if you can access the condenser coil. You can do this if it is located behind a grill near the floor. If so:

· Turn the fridge off. After that, you can unplug it.

· Remove the grill and get rid of dust on it and under your fridge. You may need to use a vacuum cleaner.

· Using mild soap and warm water, wash the grill and return it to its place.

· Take the fridge’s power cord and plug it into the outlet, switch the refrigerator on, and set the temperature you need.

1. Check if the ice maker is activated and turn it on if necessary. The procedure varies depending on the fridge. You may need to slide the wire arm from upper to lower position or you may need to move the switch to the “on” position.

2. Confirm you didn’t turn off the water supply valve by mistake and turn it on if necessary.

3. If there is stuck ice, you need to clear it from your ice maker. Warm water or a hair dryer can help you manage this task.

4. Check the Lock mode is off. Disable it if necessary, because this mode deactivates an ice dispenser.

5. Make sure the filter is not to blame. If you changed the filter long ago, you may need to replace it now as a dirty filter can be the cause of such a malfunction.

1. Confirm there was enough time to change the temperature in the appliance. After control adjustments, it takes up to two days to bring the temperature to the proper level.

2. Make sure you don’t have an ice maker turned on while the water supply is disconnected. Turn off the ice maker to deactivate it, if necessary, to prevent the fridge from lowering the temperature for ice production.

3. If a large amount of ice was recently produced, your fridge has lowered the temperature for this task. It can take up to 24 hours to restore the normal temperature, so you will need to wait.

4. Confirm the water filter is clean. If it is clogged, the water amount sent to the ice maker is reduced. This results in low ice production and automatically lowering the temperature in order to increase the production. Replace the filter if necessary.

Still Having Problems? Book a Fridge Repair Online

What Types of Refrigerators Does WerepairRepair?

Werepair provides repair service for a wide variety of refrigerators:

  • Garage fridge
  • French door fridge
  • Wine fridge
  • Side-by-side fridge

Different refrigerator types face different problems. French door refrigerators often leak and have ice maker or water dispenser malfunctions. Common issues with wine refrigerators are related to their ability to keep the temperature at a consistent level. Garage refrigerators need to face low outside temperatures in the winter and high outside temperatures in the summer. In both cases, there is an extra load on the fridge as it needs to ensure cool contents in the summer and operate smoothly in the winter when it is very cold outside.

Common refrigerator issues you might need fixed

Here are problems that occur with refrigerators most frequently:

Contact our vetted repairmen for any issue with your French door, garage, wine, and side-by-side refrigerators

Call us at +971 50 308 7679 to schedule our fridge repair services or fill out the form on our website.

  • There is strange noise while the refrigerator is running.
  • The door seal or door gasket is torn.
  • The appliance is leaking.
  • It can’t produce ice.
  • It is covered with frost inside.
  • Water is absent in the dispenser.
  • The fridge has high energy consumption.
  • The refrigerator compressor is out of order

These are only some of the possible refrigerator malfunctions. If you have any problems, whether it is mentioned here or not, do not hesitate to get connected with the professionals of Werepair, who are local, skilled, experienced, and ready to be available whenever you need their assistance.

Why contact Werepair for refrigerator repair services?

At Werepair we have everything to address any repair problem your refrigerator can throw at us, as well as provide your fridge with thorough maintenance. Our team consists of extremely experienced and skilled technicians. They’ve already proven their ability to accomplish even the most challenging repair. Being local we strive to cover all refrigerator repair needs across Southern California. In other words, we are the best company to choose if you need to repair your fridge.

All Parts in Truck

No matter the issue, at Werepair we are ready to have equipment and materials to replace parts on any fridge.

  • Evaporators
  • Thermostats
  • Ice maker components
  • Solenoids
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Drawers
  • Bins
  • Shelving
  • Defrost heaters
  • Cold controls
  • Door switches
  • Seals
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Valves
  • Water filters

AC Repair Dubai | 24/7 Quick Services 0503087679

ac repair in dubai

In UAE, the summer months are long and people spend most of their times cooped up indoors because of the heat and humidity. Air conditioners are necessary to keep homes and offices at a bearable temperature.

 It is essential to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment that is well ventilated through summer in UAE. Pollutants such as dust, pollen, and other contaminants tend to clog up air conditioner ducts and disturb its functioning. This blocks the uninterrupted flow of clean and cool air. That is regular upkeep and cleaning of cooling system is necessary. But this is no easy feat and you need professional expertise and assistance for this task.

 This is where werepair comes in; they are the best in business for AC urgent maintenance and servicing in UAE.

 Quality of their service:

werepair is a professional homemaintenance company based in UAE and their services include air conditioner repair and upkeep. The team of experts at werepair  provides the best services for air conditioner repair, cleaning and maintenance.  They perform a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner ducts and units and get rid of all harmful contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold, and other debris to keep the unit running smoothly.

They employ handymen who have experience of several years and are fully skilled. This company is very trustworthy and their employees conduct themselves with a lot of professionalism. Clients are often hesitant in engaging the help of outsiders for home repair but werepair has a well-earned reputation for providing services with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

 Providing urgent AC maintenance and servicing in UAE is something that this company takes great pride in because they understand that repair in cooling system cannot wait; the problem has to be fixed at once for the convenience of their clients.

That is why they are just a phone call away and their response time is very short. They do not keep the customers waiting for hours on end. Furthermore, they have branches in several locations in UAE so they are extremely accessible no matter where you live in the United Arab Emirates.

High-Quality Repair Services – Ac Repair and maintenance


What to do when your AC stop working? No need to worry anymore. We are the best ac repair company in Dubai.

 Simply get in touch with WeRepair Technical. We are one of the leading AC Repair Company in Dubai.

Our engineers are accessible for the repair and maintenance of all kinds of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

Regular Ac Repair Importance:

WeRepair is the bestac repair company in Dubai. Our services are very affordable. Regular Ac checkups are increased your ac durability and also reduce electricity bills.

In this era, Ac is a basic need for everyone. Dubai weather is too hot in summer so just imagine suddenly your Ac a breakdown. We know it the worst experience for anyone. So, that’s why regular ac repair and maintenance is important in Dubai. The following are the ac repair importance

  • Increase Ac life
  • Help to reduce ac noice
  • Reduce humidity
  • Remove unwanted bugs

Your AC is a complex machine with various parts and mechanisms. Considering all the use that it gets, it’s no big surprise that it might require professional repair at some point.

Fixing issues as they emerge is not only critical to restoring cooling performance, it’s also important to keep your AC energy productive.

In this post, we’d like to survey the connection between these two with the goal you can remain better educated. If you are in the need of air conditioning repair in Dubai, call on this numbers: +971 50 308 7679.


WeRepair diagnostic/repair your Ac issue within one visit

AC Repair

Air Conditioner Installation

AC Cleaning

Dust Cleaning

AC Disinfection Services

Do you need AC Service in Dubai?

There are a lot of companies that offer AC Service in Dubai. We are one of the best known AC Repair Company in Dubai.

Firstly, we have highly experienced engineers who are accessible to the repair and maintenance of all kinds of air conditioners. Secondly, our engineers can handle all kinds of major repair and maintenance services of air conditioners, no matter what type of AC is like, from a simple window or split ac to central ac, and from chiller plants to and the industrial unit we cover it all.

Here are a few issues that may affect your energy efficiency:

  • Frozen Indoor Coil this usually happens due to dirty air filters or Inadequate system airflow
  • Low Refrigerant is normally due to the dirty outside unit or thermostats fan setting problem
  • Electrical Fault some time overflow of electricity is case breakdown your ac

Make sure to get your AC fixed professionally well before it has any issues. Call WeRpair Technical Ac repair company in Dubai today for air conditioning repair services.

Common issues of ventilation and focal cooling frame:

Several types of problems may occur with ventilation and focal cooling frame. We are talking about the most normal absolutes:

AC not working
AC not cooling admirably but rather runs
Room temperature excessively hot or excessively cool
Water spills from the ventilation system
The air conditioner makes unusual clamors
The air conditioner won’t switch off

ALERT: Before performing work on the room ventilation system, make sure it is turned off. Ventilation and air conditioning systems in one room may have a pair of condensers located behind the control panel and next to the fan. Capacitors accumulate energy, even if the capacity of the device is turned off. Before starting any work on the cooling system, unplug it from the mains and release the capacitor, otherwise, you risk a strong discharge or current. The product of the device or the management of the company will show the area of the capacitors and indicate how to produce them. Something else allows the ventilation and cooling specialist to do it.

Now that you’re prepared to take a shot at your ventilation system, attempt to decide precisely what should be finished.


The split air conditioner is ductless ac. This ac has two-in-one functionality. They are helpful to maintain your living place temperature according to outside weather, so that way its properly working are important.

If your Split Air-conditioner is malfunction then no need to panic, our team is fully skilled with repairing split ac outdoor compressor and indoor air unit at an affordable price. Approach Us

Benefits of Split Ac Repairing

  • Decrease household energy expenditure
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Maintaining freshness in the home


Preventive and regular maintenance of the heating and cooling systems is necessary. Preventive ac maintenance keeps your system running at its high efficiency and prevents emergency breakdowns.

We are experts in the centralized maintenance of air conditioners. WeRepair offers professional air conditioning, repair, and maintenance services in Dubai at competitive prices.

Our expert cover everything from the maintenance of the central air conditioning, the air conditioning unit, the cooler, the FCU, the maintenance of air conditioning through separate ducts up to the maintenance of the air conditioners is divided

Why choose “Werepair Technical Dubai” for AC Repair & maintenance?

We do all kinds of major repair and maintenance services of air conditioners, no matter the size of the unit, from a simple window or split ac to central ac and from chiller plants to an industrial unit we cover it all.

  • Lower AC Maintenance Charges
  • Fast, Proficient & Affordable
  • Especially Trained Team of HVAC Technicians
  • Experts in commercial and residential AC Units Troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Question:

Can it save to turn off Ac at PowerPoint?

Yes, it’s a save but we prefer first to turn off Ac on remote then power off Ac

How to save energy when I use my Ac?

It’s a common question asking by many people how to save energy when ac is turn on so today i reveal this secret when you turn on your ac then put ac on automatic mode in this way you can save your power.

Can you provide Ducted Ac repair services in Dubai?

Yes, our team has 6 years of experience in Ducted Ac. If Ducted Ac have any issue then Contact Us.

How often should I service my air conditioner?

According to our Werepair Technical experts, for a home air conditioner must be serviced once in 1 year

Best Washing Machine Repair in Dubai | +971 50 308 7679

washing repair in dubai

Best Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

The washing machine has become an important part of every household. Gone are the days when people used to wash their clothes with their hands. This appliance helps you to wash several clothes at a time.

Furthermore, many washing machines have the feature to dry clothes, too. This provides great convenience for the people. Also, there are various washing machines available for different kinds of loads.

If you want to get a washing machine for washing fewer clothes, you can spend less money and buy one suited for this purpose. Or, if your household requires you to wash a large load of clothes, you can spend a little more money and get one which can wash a large number of clothes.

Common Washing Machine Problems Faced by the Users

It is always good to know the problems that you can face with your washing machine. This will help you to respond quickly.

Here are some of the common problems that you can face on your washing machine:

1. Bouncing :

All the washing machines vibrate to some extent. It is quite normal. However, if you see a sudden increase in the vibration of the washing machine then there must be something wrong with it. But, this is quite common and this might be caused if the machine is on an uneven surface. By levelling the surface, or by moving the machine to level ground, you can solve this problem. Additionally, this can also be caused if the load inside the machine is unevenly placed.

However, if the problem is not solved by levelling the ground or by evenly putting the weight, then you must join with our Washing machine repair Sharjah team. Our technicians will look into the problem and will fix it effectively.

2. Washing Machine is Not Starting:

Many people have experienced this problem where the washing machine is failing to start. This problem can be caused due to a number of reasons. First of all, you must check the power connection. Make sure there is no loose connection. Then, check if the fuse is blown or not. After that, check if the power cord is damaged or not.

If this does not solve your problem, check if the door lock is working properly. If not, then there must be some internal damage that might be causing this problem. This is where our LG Washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi stands out from the rest. We Have expertise in repairing every major to minor issues.

3. Noisy Washing Machine:

Normally, you will only hear the sound of the motor running. However, if you hear any additional sounds, then it must be because of debris and coins that have got stuck in between the drum and the outer tub. If this is left unattended for long, it can cause damage to the machine. To prevent this, you must always clear out the pockets of your clothes before you put them into the machine.

Another reason for this problem can be due to the bearings that have become loose. With passing time, the bearings of the machine start to degrade and become faulty. This can cause loud noises when the washing machine is washing clothes.

If the washing machine keeps running in this condition for long, there can be certain permanent and serious damage to your machine. To solve this problem, the bearings either have to be lubricated or replaced.

However, doing this all by yourself is difficult and you do not possess the skills to do it. So, contact our technicians at the LG washing machine repair in Dubai, and they use advanced tools and techniques to provide prompt on-site service.

4. Draining Problem:

The draining system of the washing machine is very important. It allows the water to flow out of the tub and outside the washing machine. This helps the machine to prepare the clothes for the next cycle.

But, sometimes you can see that there is some water left in the tub after a cycle, or the draining is happening very slowly. This is not a very big problem. You have to check the draining filter and clean it. If the filter is clogged, the draining will not properly. You must check this filter regularly to make the machine keep working properly.

However, if you are not well-equipped in handling the parts of the machine, you can book a service from our services at the Daewoo washing machine repair in Dubai. And, our technicians will solve the problem for you within an affordable range.

5. Washing Machine Not Spinning:

Many users have complained that their washing machine is not spinning. This can happen due to various reasons like motor problems or something more serious than that. In most of the latest washing machine models, there is a max load level. If the load you have put into the machine exceeds that level, the machine won’t start. So, make sure that the load is within the limit of the machine.

If that did not solve your problem, then the reason for the problem can be an imbalance drum, blocked drain pump, or worn-out motor brush. Whatever may be the reason, you must contact our Samsung washing machine repair in Dubai and fix the problem immediately.

6. No Water is Coming into The Machine:

Another common problem faced by many people is that the water is not coming into the washing machine. This can cause a problem as you will not be able to wash your clothes without it. The reason for this problem can be a blocked hose. So, make sure that it is clear and nothing is blocking it. While cleaning, make sure it doesn’t get damaged accidentally.

If this did not solve the problem, then the problem can be caused by any glitch within the pipeline of tap that is transferring the water. Also, a problem with the water valve can stop the water from entering into your washing machine. And, such issues require immediate professional intervention. So, without any hesitation call our Automatic washing machine repair centre in Dubai.

7. Washing Machine Door Not Opening:

This problem is mainly faced by people who have a front loading washing machine. The doors of these washing machines are designed to be airtight. However, do not force the door too hard to open. This can cause serious damage to the lock system of the door. If you are having water in the tub, make sure to drain it all out. You can start a cycle again and wait until it is complete and the water is drained completely.

When the washing machine detects water within the machine, it locks the door. So, if you are having water left in the tub after each cycle, make sure that the drains and the filter are not clogged. If clogged, then clear it. Additionally, if the machine overheats a lot, it can cause damage to circuits and they can interlock and stop the door from opening.

No matter whatever the reason for the problem is, you should not try to solve the problem. This problem needs to be solved by dealing with the internal components of the machine, which should only be handled by a professional. Contact the nearest Samsung Washing Machine Repair in Dubai and our technicians will solve every problem on-time.

8. Machine is Under-Filling or Over-Filling :

The correct level of water is very important for the proper washing of clothes. So, if the machine is not filling the water correctly, then the obvious cause is that the pressure switch is not functioning properly. Some other reasons can be because there is a hole in the pressure pipe, or it may have come off or there might be a blockage in the pressure chamber.

To solve this problem, the pressure chamber needs to be opened and has to be checked. This is not possible for normal people to do and you must never try any DIY hacks. Contact our Whirlpool washing machine repair near me and leave all your worries to our professionals.

9. Water Leakage from the Soap Drawer:

The soap drawer is the place where you put your detergent for washing the clothes. The water comes into this compartment and the solution goes down to the clothes compartment for washing. However, sometimes the water can leak from this compartment. The reason for this can be too strong water pressure, the surge in power supply, overfilling of water, blocked drain pipe, or deposit of undissolved detergent. You can try to clean the soap drawer and see it fixes the problem.

However, if the problem still persists, then you can ask for help from our technicians in Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. They are trained to deal with every washing machine fault, irrespective of the variant and brands.

10. Clothes are Getting Torn:

Some users also encounter the problem where their clothes are getting torn while washing. No one wants their favourite and expensive clothes to get torn. One of the reasons for this problem is that there is something stuck in the walls of the machine. The clothes are basically getting stuck to it and are getting torn. So, feel the inner wall of the tub and take out anything that is stuck to it.

However, if your clothes are getting torn despite nothing being stuck to the walls, then it might be the problem of the machine itself. In this situation, it is best to consult a professional. Call our LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai and our technicians will give their best effort to solve your problem.

11. Smelly Clothes:

A washing machine is used to clean the clothes and keep them fresh. If you are getting smelly clothes after the wash is complete, then the whole purpose of the machine is defective. Additionally, this can also damage your clothes over time. The common reason for this is the use of liquid detergents and cold wash together. This is not a good match and will definitely cause bad smells to your clothes.

So, always try to use hot washes when you are using liquid detergents. However, if the hot wash is not working, you can contact our technicians at Samsung washing machine repair in Dubai and they will fix the problem effectively.

12. Burning Smell:

Sometimes, you can also get burning smells from your washing machine. This is the indication of some potential danger. In this situation, you must turn off the machine immediately and also remove the plug from the power source. The reason for this can be anything like a broken motor or a broken motor belt.

Whatever the reason may be, you must never try to solve it yourself. Always call us at our Fix it Dubai service centre and our professionals will take care of your problem.

13. Washing Machine not Turning Off :

You can also encounter a problem where the washing machine will not turn off. This can happen if the power button of the washing machine is faulty. However, if you see that the cycle of the wash is continuing on and not stopping, then it might be due to a faulty control or timer board. The timer sends a signal to the machine for when to go to the next cycle and the control board helps the washing machine to select the next program. If anyone of these parts gets damaged, you can experience this problem. So, contact our experts at the fix-it Dubai service centre and they will fix the problem for you.

How does Our Washing Machine Technicians Teamwork?

Now that you know about all the common problems that you can face on your washing machine, let us tell you how our technicians work. Simply look for us by searching for “Washing machine repair near me”.

1. On-Location Servicing:

We know that bringing washing machines to a service centre is quite a hassle. So, to make your work easier, we offer on-location servicing. Our technicians at Samsung washing machine repair, will visit your home and will solve the problem for you.

2. Diagnosis of the Problem:

When our technicians will reach your house, their first job will be to run a diagnosis of your washing machine. This will help them to know the exact root of the problem. After that, they take the appropriate steps to fix the problem. However, if the problem is major, they will give you the estimation of the fix. If you need to replace something, we at Daewoo washing machine repair in Dubai can do that as well.

3. Demo and Testing

If you have done some extensive repair of your washing machine, then our technicians will do the testing in front of you. This is to show you that it is working properly after the repair. It is also important for the technicians as they will be able to see if the problem is fixed.

4. Cleanup After Repair

In many cases, the repairing process can leave a lot of mess inside as well as outside the washing machine. Now, to make it easier for the customers, our technicians will clean up all the mess for you. They will also clean the washing machine and make it fit for use. If there are wires, damaged parts, or anything else from the repair lying around, our technicians will make sure that they are removed and disposed of in the correct place.

Why Choose us?

Here are some of the reason which makes us the best Washing machine repair Sharjah:

1. Certified Technicians:

We hire the best technicians. They are professionals and have years of experience. They know all the hacks and tricks to repair a washing machine and can solve any problem. Everyone receives immense training in handling the latest models and makes them aware of all the latest technologies. Additionally, they are also trained to use advanced equipment to fix the washing machines more effectively.

2. 24 X 7 Service:

A washing machine can show problems and signs of break down at any time. So, to assist you and solve your problem, our technicians are available 24 X 7. Whenever you are having any problem with your washing machine, you can contact our washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi, and our customer service executives are working round the clock to sort all your issues.

3. Schedule Service:

You can choose the time and the date for the repair. Our Washing machine repair Sharjah team have flexible service hours and our technicians will arrive at your place, based on your convenience. This will not make you skip your important work in order to repair your washing machine.

4. Economical Rate:

In our LG washing machine repair in Dubai, we offer a very reasonable price for the repairing process. Unlike any other washing machine repair services, we do not charge extra for replacing a particular part. Our service charge remains the same. The only charge that we ask you to pay is the cost of the new part.

5. Having Full Stock of Equipment:

Our Washing machine repair in Abu-Dhabi has a full stock of all the common parts needed for a washing machine. This allows us to provide customers with the necessary and genuine parts at the earliest. Thus, you do not have to wait for the common parts to arrive and then repair the washing machine later. We use advanced tools and techniques to repair the appliance. This saves a lot of time for the customers as well as the technicians.

6. Genuine Parts :

Many times, the solution to a problem is by replacing a part of the washing machine. To make the washing machine work fine after the replacement, the parts have to be genuine. Due to this reason, we offer authentic parts of the washing machine at our automatic washing machine repair service centre in Dubai. It helps to improve the longevity of the device as well.

Budget-Friendly Prices – High-Quality AC Repair Services

ac repair in dubai

 AC Maintenance & AC Repair Services Dubai

Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, Air conditioning units are a vital part of our daily life. An air conditioner requires regular maintenance to function competently and efficiently throughout its years of service.

For your AC to keep functioning properly, you have to do ordinary running tasks on your AC to work more effectively without the need to replace it with a new appliance. If you choose to do your AC repairing yourself, it would not be a wise thing to do as it may demolish your unit even more. If you do fix it, it may cause more harm to your Aircon. One wrong move will make your AC to face new issues. There are several cases where you require professional and experienced AC Technicians to do the job for you.

Werepair AC Provides Best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai. We excel in AC Repair in Dubai. Werepair is the most experienced and always uses advanced technologies for air conditioning maintenance and repair needs. We used the most appropriate ways for AC Service and Installation in Dubai. We have a team of Highly Trained Engineers and technicians for Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and AC Service. Our AC Repair Service is quick, Efficient & quibbling. We provide efficient air conditioning services in Dubai from installation and maintenance to emergency air conditioning repairs. We are experienced in Air Conditioning Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Solutions. We serve Specialists in Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services.


Our engineers are experts in this field and provide high-quality maintenance, repair, and installation services.
Low cost and budget-friendly.
Professional technicians who are well equipped and deal with your appliance with great care.
We are always available and provide in time services.
Authorized & Registered.
24/7 AC Repair emergency services.

AC Installation
AC Maintenance
AC Technician Services
AC Repair
AC Advanced Piping Services
AC Mounting and dismounting
Air Conditioner Service
Split AC Repair
Hygienic Duct Cleaning Services


AC Maintenance Dubai provides you best maintenance services with his highly professional and well-equipped engineers and technicians. We have 20+ years of working experience and always assure you of providing the best quality, timely and low-cost services.


AC Repair Dubai understands the problem of your AC very well. There is nothing that we do not know about your AC. We provide the utmost AC repair services at a very low cost. Also, your satisfaction is our priority. We are always available to provide you emergency repair services also.


AC Services Dubai provides you the best services that your AC needs. We serve you with our highly professional, well-equipped, and dedicated team. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our AC services.


Werepair AC Company is a leading company in UAE with its renowned work, and experience of 20+ years. We are proud to serve our clients up to the level of their expectations. Our AC engineers are highly expert and professional in dealing with AC units of any make and model.


AC maintenance service Dubai is a renowned AC maintenance service that nurtures your AC with great care. Our maintenance services will surely increase the life span of your AC and keep you safe from health problems that an unmaintained unit could cause. If you want to increase the lifespan of your Aircon then AC maintenance Dubai is the right choice.


Emergency AC repair services Dubai is available to serve you 24 hours. We care about our customers and provide timely service to sort out the problems in AC. Our engineers and technicians are highly experienced and find the root cause of the problem within no time.


Searching for a highly experienced and professional team for AC maintenance is a quite difficult task. Unfortunately, if you fail to take the wise decision then your Aircon will subject to more wear and tear. So here is the time to take a sage decision. Along with a highly professional, dedicated, experienced, and well-equipped team of engineers and technicians we provide you the best Air conditioning Maintenance services in Dubai. We provide prompt Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair services in Dubai. Our Active HVAC technician finds faults, carries out repairs and maintenance, and services and tests HVAC units and systems all over Dubai. There may also be some installation work involved. We are proud to announce that we are among the top best AC maintenance companies in Dubai. We Provide: AC Maintenance in Al Barsha Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Al Furjan Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Al Quoz Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Al Sufouh Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Al Warqa Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Al Wasl Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Motor City Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Barsha South Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Bur Dubai Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Deira Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al DIFC Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Discovery Gardens Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Downtown Dubai Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Dubai Marina Dubai, UAE AC Maintenance in Al Emirates Hills Dubai, UA


Are you looking to refurbish your former thermostat to Google Nest Gen3 Thermostat in Dubai? Our team of experienced engineers and well-equipped technicians has been doing smart thermostat integration for the last 5 years. We are upgrading every month 200 plus units in DUBAI and other places in the emirates. We provide pro installer assistance for nest thermostat installation here in Dubai.

● A programmable smart thermostat that acquires knowledge of your routine schedule and the temperatures you like and schemes itself to help you save energy and stay congenial.

● You are at Home or outside it will automatically fit itself to an Eco Temperature after you leave, so the empty home will not get hot or cold.

● The remote control allows you to change the temperature from anywhere on a cell phone or laptop,

● To check how much energy you have used, you can check it Energy History or can check a Quick view on the thermostat display screen. We provide: AC Installation in Al Al Warqa Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Al Wasl Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Barsha Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Al Furjan Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Al Quoz Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Al Sufouh Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Motor City Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Bur Dubai Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Deira Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al DIFC Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Discovery Gardens Dubai, UAE AC Installation in Al Downtown Dubai Dubai, AC Installation in Al Dubai Marina


We are a leading AC Company giving a high level of AC maintenance and repair solutions in Dubai, with the most affordable rates today. AC Repair Dubai understands the problem of your AC very well. There is nothing that we do not know about your AC. We provide the utmost AC repair services at a very low cost. Also, your satisfaction is our priority. We are always available to provide you emergency repair services also. Our company is skilled in providing ecological solutions for AC maintenance in Dubai and UAE that aims to help our customers save energy. The Smart AC Technologies technology we give permits our clients to maximize the cooling power of their air-conditioning unit without exhausting the system. Indoor air quality sensors are becoming more popular in smart homes, helping users, and their families to live and breathe in a healthy clean environment. Air quality sensors provide our clients with sufficient figures about specific types of pollutants present in the air of their house, providing readings for the number of allergens. By reviewing this data, they get well aware of when to alter the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Indoor air quality sensors are installed with a tracking feature that lets you monitor changes in air quality over some time. We provide: AC Repair in Al Al Quoz Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Al Sufouh Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Barsha Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Al Furjan Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Al Warqa Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Al Wasl Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Motor City Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Barsha South Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Bur Dubai Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Deira Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al DIFC Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Discovery Gardens Dubai, UAE AC Repair in Al Downtown Dubai Dubai,

For highly methodical AC maintenance & Repair Services Werepair AC Repair is the right choice

With over 20 years of experience in air conditioning, Werepair AC REPAIR is one of the leading companies in AC Repair. Maintenance and installation. We are proud to be trusted by a large number of customers. We aim to provide high levels of professional services at a very low cost.
Our Services for HVAC include AC Servicing, Blower Cleaning Coil cleaning, Tray cleaning, Filter cleaning, Gas Checking, Outdoor condensing coils cleaning, Electrical Panel Checking. We are providing all kinds of AC installation For Split units Ducted, Splits Units, Package units, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Unit, sac Installation with ducting, complete piping, pressure test, commissioning, and air balancing. WE are providing all kinds of AC maintenance like Split units, Ducted Splits, Package units, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units.
We offer all sorts of Air conditioning services in Dubai from installation and maintenance to emergency air conditioning repairs. Our team of experts is providing Air Conditioning Free Inspection, Fault Diagnosis, and Maintenance Solutions.
We cover all Air conditioning in Dubai, maintenance AC, Air conditioning companies in Dubai, and Air-Conditioning Services & Maintenance under the AMC Contract. We are expert in AC duct HVAC installation Dubai, HVAC services, HVAC installation, AC maintenance Dubai, AC repair Dubai, AC repair companies in Dubai, HVAC contractors, central air conditioning system, HVAC system, HVAC unit, Dubai air conditioning company, AC cleaner, AC mechanic, Air conditioning unit. Our AC contractors deal with all kinds of AC units such as o general split ac 2 ton, o general air conditioners, York ac Dubai, general ac,o general air conditioner, o general split ac 2.5 ton, etc.
AC maintenance service Dubai covers efficiently all residential and commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services in Dubai.

Book Top Quality AC Emergency Repair & Maintenance Services with very Cheap price

Best AC Repairing and in Maintenance Service in Dubai

Introduction air conditioner are suppose to be maintain every time to avoid them breaking down. Do not try to fix it yourself. Look for a qualified technician to do that for you. If it is not working as required. ac repair Dubai It is not easy installing AC at your home but it is great since it makes happy hot weather seasons.

AC provides different units you can set depending on the temperature outside. We can repair your AC efficiently.

Types of AC we Repair

However, the commonly owned AC Repair Dubai are Split System Air Conditioner and Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner, AC Duct cleaning, air conditioner maintenance Dubai Central AC Maintenance, Window AC Service, AC Gas Filling Service, AC Cleaning Services.

Split System Air Conditioning

Our highly qualified staff can repair the split ac installation air conditioner of any damage that it is experiencing. split ac repair We operate in all major cities of Dubai. Ac mechanic near me It is important to have this AC checked for them to function properly.

Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Services

We provide a variety of services. Werepair fixing in Dubai They include all the best evaporative cooling system that requires repair and maintenance. Air Conditioner Repairing Dubai We has in our capacity the most qualified personnel for installation services. Air Conditioner Maintenance Dubai Our company offers repair and installation facilities for all the brands that deals with this types of AC.

AC Services we provide

Are you looking for air conditioning repairs in Dubai? Contact our staff. We are the best AC repairing company in Dubai. professional plumbers in Dubai Our main aim is to make your AC work well. We are honest and strive to get you the best services by beaning our qualified technicians to you.
They make an onset check and start working after figuring out the problem. 99% of our customer are very satisfied with our services.

We provide Emergency Services Include:

  1. 25-30 minute emergency response
  2. AC Repair Services & Fixing
  3. AC Maintenance Services
  4. Repairs and assessing AC of all brands
  5. Maintenance of AC of all brands
  6. Installation of AC for all the brands and models
  7. Thorough cleaning of your AC
  8. AC Repair Professionals
  9. Technicians fully equipped
  10. Same day repair Guaranteed
  11. Carbon monoxide tests for safety
  12. Benefits of regular repairs

AC is like other electronics that require regular maintenance and servicing. central ac maintenance in Dubai This will help in improving the AC system life.

  • Extend the life of AC in it
  • Ensures the AC work effectively
  • Enables AC to operate efficiently
  • Ensures you get a healthy clean and bacteria free AC
  • Thorough cleaning enables filters to remove flying dust particles allergies and mould spores.

Home Air Conditioning Repair: Trust the Experts

Air conditioning is an effective tool when controlling the temperature in our home, office, commercial business or any other internal environment; hence its importance and the high sales volumes that have been registered in the market.

But to make good use of this appliance and enjoy it for as long as possible, it is important that you consider the necessary preventive maintenance to avoid its deterioration over time.

If in your case, the air conditioning needs repair or maintenance, do not hesitate to contact experts, technicians with great experience and professionalism who guarantee an efficient service.

How do you know when to hire an ac repair service?

If you notice changes in your air conditioning such as a low or no intensity of the temperature that you previously selected, it is a sign that it needs maintenance or repair.

Before contacting an expert, you will be able to verify some key points in the air conditioning to determine that it is a fault.

  1. It is very important to do periodic maintenance checks on the air conditioning, if it has been a while since its acquisition and you have not performed maintenance, it is time to do it.
  2. Cleaning the filters is recommended at least once a year, as it is the key to ensuring that the air comes out of the best quality. If you have not done it, that could be the cause of its deterioration.
  3. If you notice that when you turn on the ac the environment is impregnated with a strange smell, it is synonymous with the lack of disinfection of the evaporator.
  4. The external maintenance of the apparatus is important, cleaning the equipment of dust and dirt will avoid breakdowns.

When to hire an ac maintenance and repair service?

Do not expect your ac to stop working, on the contrary, you should anticipate performing some maintenance from home and requesting a corrective and preventive review from time to time.

If you are planning to hire an ac maintenance or repair service, don’t put it off any longer. The right time will be before the start of the summer season, so you will have a quality service during this season.

How to hire a service?

Not sure how to contact a technician? Where to find it? Your fees?

Currently there are a large number of companies for the sale and installation of air conditioners, which in addition to offering the trade of this equipment, many of them offer maintenance and repair services of ac.

You can contact them through a directory or search for them on the internet. Verify that the company is as close as possible to your geographical area in order to have an immediate response.

Request an appointment for a quick review of the equipment and demand the budget, so you can decide which is the best alternative.

We offer you the best ac maintenance and repair services in Dubai .

Check each one and hire the one that best suits your needs!

Efficient work

Our high qualified work will assess the safety of electrical and durability of the AC. It ensures all the parts of ACs are in great working condition. AC Servicing Dubai They will clean or change AC parts that are dirty or damaged.

Affordability and feedback.

Our customer care service is ready to help you faster. Call are immediately answer. plumbing repair services Dubai We are very active in them. Our company is affordable to all people in Dubai.

AC repair and maintenance services are organizations or groups offering services for proper AC maintenance and repairs to avoid sudden failure or ineffective thermal regulation by the unit.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Dubai

AC Supply Installation in Dubai However, there are many AC maintenance and repair services in Dubai making it a tough challenge to outline the best one.

1. Quality: considering the quality of provided service, is the first factor to be considered in determining the best AC maintenance and repair service in Dubai for you. general maintenance in Dubai How good is their service? plumbing services dubai How well do they know their job? How good is their customer ratings? And do they value customer recommendations? These questions should be brought into consideration to determine the effectiveness of the service provider against AC faults.

2. Speed: How quickly do they handle requests and contracts? Of course you don’t want to live without your cooling unit in a city like Dubai, Plumber Dubai therefore the response time of each company to customers is very important.

Air Conditioner Repairing & Service

As explained above, Emergency ac repair Dubai it could be established that getting the best AC maintenance or repair service is the best thing you could do for yourself and your cooling unit to avoid unit leakage or any other faults. The best ac maintenance Dubai assigns the task to its skilled technician to who diagnoses the system to discover the problem. A cost analysis can be done and the sum given to the client to assure his compliance. The company is at haste to continue with the AC Maintenance Dubai process if the client agrees to the diagnosis report and costing analysis.

AC Repair Service from Experts on a Budget

In a city like Dubai, air conditioners (ACs) are more than important. Due to the hot weather that dominates the area which can be unbearable in summer, it is necessary to have air conditioners in one’s villa or apartment. Your air conditioner is as important as your wardrobe.

Just like any other fixture in the house, your air conditioner is very essential to the overall enjoyment of your house. This is because the air you breathe in is very essential to your overall wellbeing. This means that your air conditioner should be properly maintained and serviced.

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and efficient AC technician in a large city like Dubai can be really stressful. There are many technicians that seem perfectly skilled when one is soliciting for their services but when the time comes to deliver, the story will change and one will often be disappointed typical person that lives in Dubai will know that keeping your air conditioner in good condition and finding a skilled technician to repair your air conditioner is a real hassle. chiller ac repair Dubai Another problem is that most technicians have the issue of specialization. Some technicians, for instance, may specialize in installing and repairing of only LG brand air conditioners. This implies they would not be able to perfectly and correctly handle other brands of air conditioners except those ones in the area of their specialty.

At our company, we offer AC installation, repair and maintenance services all around Dubai. Our company is an organization of properly trained and tested AC experts who put their best into what they do. Our technicians are dedicated to their job and our clients are witnesses of our good work. We pay utmost attention to even the tiniest detail and our clients’ False Ceiling Dubai preferences are never disregarded.

Are You Looking for Air Condition Repair Service in Dubai?

We offer major air conditioner installation services including split AC installation. Whether the building is a storey building or not, we can take care of the AC installation. Our experts as specially trained to carry out installation regardless of how complicated the house structure can be. Also, our technicians follow the recommended guidelines of the AC companies’ standards- from gas pressure to every other specified recommendation. We also offer un-installation services whenever the need arises. general maintenance in DubaiThis means that moving out of your house does not have to be a problem. Our technicians have the skills and ability to un-install the air conditioners and move it out with proper care and attention. Also, before un-installing your AC, our technicians check the condition to know what is in good condition and what is not. This will give you the opportunity to repair whatever needs to be repaired in your AC before you reinstall it.

We also offer maintenance services and deep cleaning of the AC to make it last longer. This includes services like AC duct cleaning, coil cleaning, filter cleaning, water tray cleaning, vent cleaning, internal parts cleaning and all forms of internal parts cleaning. AC Servicing General maintenance of your AC is essential because regular wear and tear of the air conditioner, just like any other machinery, will cause depreciation.

The best part of our services is that we are very quick to respond. We value our clients’ time and try to manage it in the best ways. Handyman Dubai Our services are also affordable and there are no hidden charges.

Contact us today to book a slot and you will be glad you did!

We are the best AC repair company Dubai. Our qualified staff will live you satisfied with our work. Contact us for quality services. We offer a 24/7 service and can repair any type of AC Repair Today Call Now: +971 50 308 7679.

Fridge Repair Dubai

refrigerator repair in dubai

Fridge repair service in Dubai is something that most Dubai homeowners take for granted. You should avail refrigerator repair in Dubai with the expertise from only the renowned professionals for refrigerator repair service. If you are seriously looking for the best Fridge repair providers in Dubai? You have landed in the correct place. Contact Us +971 50 308 7679.

WeRepir Technical Services has well-certified technicians for Fridge repair service Dubai. In other words, they are trained and certified to carry out fridge repair Dubai. Our fridge repair technician uses the latest tools and equipment to repair the device efficiently, and you can be assured that repairing the fridge will work effectively.

Book your fridge repair in Dubai online. An expert technician will instantly be assigned to reach your doorstep at the agreed day and time. All technicians at WeRepir are professionally trained to resolve both common and complex refrigerator repair issues. The coolest way to avoid this uncomfortable situation in Dubai and the UAE is by booking a refrigerator repair service with WeRepir . WeRepir will help sort out fridge repairs for most brands of refrigerators sold and used in Dubai and UAE including Samsung, Haier, LG, Nikai, Daewoo, Super General, Hisense, Westpoint, Frigidaire, Indesit, Hitachi, Bosch, Siemens, Akai and more.

Refrigerator breakdown is not the best news, especially during the UAE’s blistering summer. Your life can come to a grinding – and hot – halt, along with your daily routine. Now you must get rid of all the food you have stored and make alternative arrangements for the family at the same time. The only thing that is worse than your fridge breaking down is waiting for the fridge repair technician to show up. The agony of those repeated phone calls to the technician’s company!

Our technicians are conversant in dealing with all fridge repair issues. These include everything from minor problems like your fridge making too much noise or the door not closing to bigger issues with the thermostat and cooling.

All you need is WeRepir to get your fridge back in working order. You will have complete peace of mind since we, at WeRepir , ensure that our fridge repair service and staff is reliable. WeRepir refrigerator repair gives you the best quality at an affordable price. We are sensitive to the urgency of refrigerator repair in Dubai, and the importance of ensuring that your daily routine is not disturbed. Expect good and prompt service, at the best prices.

With WeRepir , you can say goodbye to chasing technicians, cleaning out your freezer and throwing away food that you paid good money for – your fridge repair is a click of a button away.